Stepping down from Thunderbird activities

Mark Banner mbanner at
Thu Oct 16 22:51:50 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I've decided that it is time for me to step down from my Thunderbird 
activities, and as module owner of Thunderbird.

Although Thunderbird is a great email client, and I believe it fills a 
gap for which there is no alternative, I've come to realise that I no 
longer have the passion nor desire to continue my activities at the 
levels I have been. Hence my decision to step down.

At this time, I'm not planning to continue as an active contributor, but 
in the short to mid term, I'll still be around for questions etc.

At this time, I have no nominated replacement however, with the various 
discussions about the future and the governance structures, I think this 
should factor into those - which is why I wanted to send this before 
tomorrow's discussions at the work week.

Whilst I'm stepping down, I would like to ensure there's a clean 
handover of my activities to other folks in the community - I'm not 
immediately stopping everything, but I would like to start handing over 
and winding down gradually. I'll be aiming to put out some more 
information about some of these next week. I'll still be around to ask 
questions, advice etc.


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