Help wanted: more people to help look after the tree

Mark Banner mbanner at
Mon Oct 6 07:50:53 UTC 2014

I'd like us to have more people actively helping to look after the 
Thunderbird trees. Currently, Joshua and myself are seen as the de-facto 
people to control it, but there's no reason we can't have more.

I'll stop short of saying a "Sheriff 
<>" group as I don't think we need 
full-time coverage, but it would certainly be useful to get some more 
folks keeping an eye on things on a regular basis.

Before I go into the activities that need doing, let me just say that 
having commit privileges are generally useful. If you haven't got them, 
but occasionally submit patches for Thunderbird/Mozilla, then we can 
easily get privileges 
<> for you.

The activities that general need doing are:

  * Closing the tree at times of major bustage and re-opening when it
  * Ensuring the tree is starred with failures
      o Hence also, new failures either have the offending patches
        backed out (assuming c-c caused failures), or if they are
        intermittent, have bugs filed for them.
      o This may mean investigating new failures/triggering new builds
        or clobbers (which require commit privs)
  * Approving patches landing on semi-busted trees

An optional extension is also helping process the queue of 
checkin-needed bugs 

For reference purposes, I've just written down the list of rules I 
generally use when deciding to change the tree state:

These are open to be adjusted.

If anyone does want to help out, please let me know, or respond here. 
Like I say, we can arrange commit access if appropriate, I can also get 
you access to "tree status" which is the web application that controls 
the tree.


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