Mozilla Reps as a Mozilla example of volunteer governance

Kent James kent at
Fri Oct 3 23:29:27 UTC 2014

As we look to a proper governance model for Thunderbird, one model we 
could look at is the Mozilla Reps program, which is designed from the 
git-go as a volunteer-driven effort.

They recently announced elections to their Council:

Their Council is described here:

The governance structure that I am pushing for with Thunderbird is going 
to be a Thunderbird Council of 5-9 people, which are elected by the 
Thunderbird Core Team of about 50 active contributors (including 
developers, support, addons, QA, etc.) This is very similar to the 
Mozilla Reps organization. I expect though that our Council members will 
need to be nominated and encouraged to participate by a nominating 
committee, while at-large nominations could also be accepted.

This stuff is really important for the future of Thunderbird, I would 
encourage all of you attending the Thunderbird Summit to look over the 
Mozilla Reps program as an example.


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