Needing help with TB 31.x bugs

Mark Banner mbanner at
Wed Oct 1 07:25:02 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

There's a few bugs in TB 31.x that we could really do with some eyes on 
to try and get them fixed.

Here's the list:

  * Bug 902158 <>
    crash in nsInterfaceRequestorAgg::Release / NS_ProxyRelease at
      o Our #1 topcrasher
  * Bug 1036338 <>
    TB ignores self-signed certificates since last week - SSL/TLS,
    STARTTLS connection doesn't work
  * Bug 1045753 <>
    Compose email LDAP erases text (autocompletes to blank entry)
      o (I've seen a few references to LDAP issues in 31.x).

Please help wherever you can as these seem to be our most major issues, 
especially with 24.x support ending soon.

There's also some others we're tracking, that you can see from the 
tracking page:

(especially the nominations links).


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