Thunderbird blog, active?

Ludovic Hirlimann lhirlimann at
Tue Nov 25 12:22:34 UTC 2014

On 25/11/2014 11:22, Pascal Chevrel wrote:
> Hi,
> As part of the migration of Thunderbird start page to Bedrock that
> Kohei is doing now (thanks mate!), I noticed that there is a link
> there to the Thunderbird blog:
> Last news:
> Updated Thunderbird released today
> Sep 17 2013
> This is an abandonned blog, does it make sense to add links to web
> sites that are not maintained? Are there plans to actually communicate
> there?
It's been taken over. Rkent has keys to it now. Give him time to get
some content up (so we can all tweet about it).


[:Usul] MOC Team at Mozilla
QA Lead for Thunderbird -

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