Bugs to do with inline spelling in Thunderbird

Jörg Knobloch jorgk at jorgk.com
Mon Nov 24 19:58:58 UTC 2014

Hi Jan,

excuse me for writing to you directly. I can see that you worked on
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=967494 (Ehsan Akhgari to 
so I assume you have an interest in spell-checking.

I did a little clean-up today to do with bugs that all report the same:
That at times, the red misspelling underlines get lost:
I'm pretty sure that these two bugs are the same.

So my question is, I've I wanted to fix this bug, where would I start 

I compiled Thunderbird a few weeks ago, but there is just such a lot of 
code that I don't know where to start looking. Obviously the mail 
composition windows is part of the Mozilla "core" editor, and I believe 
the spell checking is too.

There is another "most hated" bug to do with the editor, in that it 
loses the font/style it should be using:

This is an ancient bug (carried over from another bug). Ehsan Akhgari 
said something about fixing it (quote: "working hard" in 2011) but so 
far no fix has arrived.

So any hints would be very welcome. Both bugs affect my daily work, and 
given that these two bugs are as old as Thunderbird and Thunderbird is 
turning 10 years old soon, perhaps we could repair these two annoyances 
one day.

Kind regards from Berlin, Germany,

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