Get an account & Hover

Jb Piacentino jb at
Wed Mar 12 16:18:48 UTC 2014


I have been contacted by Hover about the email provisionning service 
proposed in Thunderbird. Hover is considering phasing out their product 
(<myname>, which is different from Gandi who is selling domain 
names + 5 email addresses). In addition, they said the sales performance 
has been very poor for the last several months (1-3 sign ups per 
months!): they don't have a financial motivation to keep the service up.

- Legally: they have to contractually obey a long notice period (6 
months) and asking to reduce it. I am checking with Mozilla legal as we 
speak and I see it as a negotiation point (if there is something to 
- Product-wise: Can we live with 1 email provider, ie Gandi? Do we want 
to engage with a new one? (frankly, I'm not sure how we could do that, 
but I thought I'd ask anyway)
- Technically: what does it take to remove Hover from the list?

Can we have a quick turnaround on this?


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