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Walter L Schwartz schw01 at
Mon Mar 3 00:48:19 UTC 2014

That would be this bug.

[756327 – "Releases" Wiki Not Updated for Recent 

The wiki is updated, but shows incorrect information for Thunderbird.

Standard support should show Thunderbird 24.3.0, or not include 
Thunderbird at all if it is going to be listed as an Extended support 

Under Based on Gecko 28, it should read Currently in Beta channel, and 
does not move to Release.

In other words there should be some way to indicate that Thunderbird 
does not follow Gecko releases anymore, even if it does follow Gecko builds.

On 02/28/2014 03:29 PM, Tooru Fujisawa wrote:
> Hi.
> About the information In following MozillaWiki page:
> In "Current Release" section, the page says that Thunderbird's
> Standard support is 27, which is released on 2013-12-10,
> and "Upcoming Releases" section, the page says that Thunderbird 28
> will be moved to RELEASE on 2014-03-18,
> But if I understand correctly, Current Release is 24.3.0, which is
> released on 2014-02-04, and next Release is 31.
> According to discussion page:
> only the project driver can edit the schedule on the page.
> So, could anyone fix the page?
> arai
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