Module owner and peerage refresh?

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Tue Jul 22 00:49:50 UTC 2014

Ok, thank you all for your feedback everybody.

So, here's what I've done - I've gone through the owner and peer lists for both Thunderbird and Mailnews, and come up with a short-list of people who, in my eyes, have not been active lately. What I'm proposing is that we contact these folks and find out if they're still interested in being peers / owners, and if not, we move them into an "honoured alumni" list.

Now, please be advised that I don't have my eyes on every single facet of the project at once, so if there are names that shouldn't be on this list (or names that should), please speak up.

In no particular order:

David Bienvenu*
Andreas Nilsson*
Karsten Düsterloh
Kai Engert
Philippe Chiasson

* I have already been in contact with bienvenu and andreasn, and both have confirmed that removing them from the lists for their module ownership and peer duties is probably appropriate.

I, of course, do not have powers to add or remove people from these lists directly, but with the above information, I can't see us having too much difficulty getting the names of people who aren't involved anymore removed.

Does anybody object if I contact Karsten, Kai and Philippe about removing them from the lists? If I don't hear back in the next 36 hours, I'll send out emails to them asking them what they'd like to do.

Also, if there are any concerns with what I'm trying to do here (clear out inactive peers and owners to make it more clear where we need new peers and owners), please let me know either in this thread or privately. :)

All the best,


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Hey tb-planning,

This came up in our last weekly meeting, and I wanted to kick off a
thread about it.

Basically, there was the notion that it's possible our list of module
owners and peers is slightly out of date. There are some folks on that
list who are no longer active, and unlikely to become active again. We
should probably remove them from the list.

There are also folks who probably could or should be on that list, in
one or more places.

And there are also folks who are on that list who could probably use
some help for their position.

So how do we feel about refreshing the list, and finding some new owners
and peers for various things?

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