Module owner and peerage refresh?

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at
Mon Jul 14 15:32:27 UTC 2014

Gervase Markham schrieb:
> There is no reason why a volunteer could not consider themselves (and be
> considered by others) part of Engineering.

Yes, this exactly. In Thunderbird, we for example have jcranmer who is 
not and employee but one of the very core engineers (just as one example 
among many). OTOH, there might be Mozilla employees that casually 
contribute a patch here and there or file a bug here and there and are 
not as intense contributors as some volunteers.

Module owners and peers should be determined only by the amount of 
expertise and commitment those people bring to the module, not based on 
their employment.

The employee/volunteer difference is something we should ignore where we 
can. The only big difference might be in some cases that *if* someone is 
paid part or full time for work on a certain module, they might have 
more time to commit to it. But that should be the only factor that plays 
into that here.

> If non-employees want to choose better titles for themselves, by
> agreement with the module owner of their module, there's nothing
> stopping that.

Employees are chosing their own job titles, volunteers have even more 
freedom to do that... ;-)

> I think that if someone's contributions are not being recognised (as in,
> noticed) then that's a problem.

Yes, if that's an issue, we should think hard about it. We want to grow 
our community, and eliminating such issues should be a core part of 
that. Recognition is usually a primary factor for contributing, we 
should make sure we do well in that area.
Any ideas on what to do/improve there?


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