Module owner and peerage refresh?

Kent James kent at
Mon Jul 14 15:46:34 UTC 2014

On 7/14/2014 1:58 AM, Gervase Markham wrote:
> On 11/07/14 19:17, Josiah Bruner wrote:
>> I've been thinking a similar thing as well. Mozilla currently seems to
>> have two main "groups" to help organize events and focus their
>> attention: "Employees" and "Volunteers".
> While that division
> does exist, it's not there to help organize events and focus attention.
> In fact, the less we think about this division, the better.

The division between employees and staff exists and is real, but it is a 
tension that exists in every organization with volunteers so it is 
inevitable. Mozilla in general works hard to minimize this difference, 
and on the whole does a good job, but you cannot effectively manage the 
tension by pretending that it does not exist. We'll consider the issue 
when relevant, but try not to make it into an issue of contention or a 
dividing line. I don't think that a discussion generally about staff 
versus volunteers is needed.

>> Volunteers though really only break down to what you (Kent) mentioned;
>> "Mozilla Rep", "Community Champion", etc. Privately, among the
>> "Engineering" people, we give ourselves more useful titles ("Mailnews
>> peer", "Compose Window Peer", "Theme Peer", etc), but that only helps
>> other developers, not everyone else, and even for developers it gives a
>> very limited understanding...
> What brings you to that conclusion?
> If non-employees want to choose better titles for themselves, by
> agreement with the module owner of their module, there's nothing
> stopping that.

Gerv, I think you are assuming that there is a conflict here that does 
not in fact exist. We recognize that we can move forward with this, and 
this discussion is the process that we are using to do that. We'll use 
the module system as part of that where appropriate. Josiah in 
particular is already a peer in the modules system, as am I. Yet I would 
not feel comfortable putting "Mozilla Engineering" as my title in going 
to a conference, or as a tagline in emails. We're discussing what would 
be appropriate. It also relates directly to the issue of modules and 
module owners, because as you say "by agreement with the module owner of 
their module" seems to be needed for any forward progress.

As for "What brings you to that conclusion?" we have at least the 
anecdotal evidence that I presented from the registration list of one 
particular Mozilla-sponsored conference (the Portland "Community 
Leadership Summit" see


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