Marketing Message

Kent James kent at
Fri Jul 11 18:44:49 UTC 2014

As part of the overall release effort for Thunderbird 31, it would be 
helpful if we had a marketing message. I have a proposal, perhaps we 
could discuss the exact wording and details here.

The disastrous announcement of Mozilla's reduced support for Thunderbird 
left a general impression that Thunderbird was dead. In fact that is not 
true. Though we may wish we did more, in fact Thunderbird has had a lot 
of code work done in the last year. Also I believe that our daily usage 
is at least staying constant, if not going up.

I know from my ExQuilla work that there are many people out there with 
well-known companies who use Thunderbird and rely on it. The market 
perception does not match the reality.

So I would like to encourage us, as a community, to agree on this 
message, and use whatever channels are available to us to promote it. 
Could we bikeshed the actual wording of the message? "Thunderbird is not 
dead" is probably not the words we want to use.

To that end, I would like to see a blog posting that collects data on 
Thunderbird usage over the last few years to present some facts about 
our daily usage. I can get the last few months from crash-stats but I do 
not know how to get usage over the last few years. Does anyone have 
access to that? Even a few random emails with usage at points in the 
past would be helpful.


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