Thunderbird Summit - Preliminary Planning

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Wed Jul 9 05:48:53 UTC 2014

Hi All,

In the last couple of Thunderbird Status Meetings, we've been discussing 
the idea of having a Thunderbird Summit. We're currently looking at 
having a summit at the Mozilla office in Toronto somewhere around 
October 17-18, 2014.

Because this is early in the planning process, the details are pretty 
sketchy at this point in time, but we thought it would be good to make 
sure that a broader group of people is aware that we are working toward 
this. Here are a few points:

1. The exact dates of the summit are still being discussed. We would 
like for the actual duration of the summit to be four full days, with 
perhaps one or two days of discussions, and (optional) additional days 
used for working together on projects. Several key contributors have 
some potential conflicts that we are still trying to sort out, trying to 
find the best single day when we could have any critical all-hands 
discussions. So possible actual dates of the summit could stretch a 
little before or after that October 17-18 core time. So October 16-19 is 
one possible date, Oct 17-20 is another, or we might stretch even 
another day in either direction.

2. Funding is also still a big question mark, and we are just starting 
to work on issues in raising money for the summit. Ideally we would like 
to be able to fully fund the travel and living expenses of 10 - 20 
active contributors. The conference will be open though, so if people 
beyond those we offer to fund still want to come, they will be welcome 
(space permitting) if they can pay their own travel and living.

3. The overall purpose of the summit is to empower and encourage 
Thunderbird contributors to ensure the continued sustainability and 
relevance of Thunderbird (probably mainly biased to the code base, but 
there's obviously a bunch of topics alongside that). Some specific 
suggestions I have received from others include:

      *   "feature delivery/product improvement (project roadmap if you
        will) is critical"
      *    "A week (or whatever) of hacking on Thunderbird would be good
      *   "I am looking forward to squash crash bug on the summit with
        other guys."
      *   "time to sit down and talk address book with people, and maybe
        start sketching out a proper plan and implementation"
      *   "the main thing would be to create a project roadmap so that
        we can focus our limited efforts"
      *   " build on IRC personal relationships ...  discussing project
        governance ... focus on the larger scope"
      *   "the public does not know where we are going to, what the plan
        is. We should have some wiki pages with tasks that can/should be
      *   "community building and hacking sessions would be the most
      * "talking about Enterprise Vs. Individual target audience, main
        focuses for the future, consider in more detail donations in
      *   "make plans on things that need to be finished (say ensemble /
      *   "A sequence of presentations on what people have done/are
        doing/are planning to do"
      *   "Solve (perceived) failures of the current Thunderbird
        development efforts"

I should probably add that I've received a few comments that 
specifically say DON'T do some of the things listed above, so there is a 
range of thoughts! But everyone that I have talked to seems to believe 
that a summit is a good idea, so it looks pretty likely that we will be 
moving forward with this.

Feel free to make comments or suggestions. We'll keep you updated as 
plans are solidified.


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