Attention extension authors: msgFolderPickerOverlay.dtd gets removed from /mail/

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Thu Jan 30 20:23:16 UTC 2014

Hey Archaeopteryx,

thanks for reaching out with compat warnings.

However, I don't think that most ext authors watch here. Is the source 
code to all extensions on AMO on an lxr somewhere (public or not)? You 
could search there. This is the most efficient and effective way to make 
such decisions and alerts.

Thanks for your efforts to keep extensions running!


Archaeopteryx wrote, On 29.01.2014 17:55:
> Hi,
> if you are an extension developer and use the file 
> in one of your add-ons to retrieve localized string labels (most 
> likely for folder picking UI), please either add the localizable 
> strings to the l10n files of your extension, or use these labels:
> recentFolders.label from 
> columnPicker.thisFolder.label from 
> Remove the references to the obsolete files.
> I will request landing of this changes next week after the "Daily" 
> developer version gets increased to 30.a1.
> Background:
> made the folder 
> picker UI consistent in Thunderbird.
> tracks the removal 
> of msgFolderPickerOverlay.dtd from /mail
> Archaeopteryx
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