Attention extension authors: msgFolderPickerOverlay.dtd gets removed from /mail/

Archaeopteryx archaeopteryx at
Wed Jan 29 16:55:10 UTC 2014


if you are an extension developer and use the file 
in one of your add-ons to retrieve localized string labels (most likely 
for folder picking UI), please either add the localizable strings to the 
l10n files of your extension, or use these labels:

recentFolders.label from

columnPicker.thisFolder.label from

Remove the references to the obsolete files.

I will request landing of this changes next week after the "Daily" 
developer version gets increased to 30.a1.

Background: made the folder 
picker UI consistent in Thunderbird. tracks the removal 
of msgFolderPickerOverlay.dtd from /mail


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