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Thu Jan 9 08:02:35 UTC 2014

If all you need is Local access to the old mailbox (since your IMAP server
is now offline), you might try using a portable app version of Thunderbird
to import your old 3.x mail. There are some legacy versions on this site:

Also you might consider the Seamonkey client (install and portable
versions) on the chance that they might handle TB 3.x mail files
differently than TB 24.

On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 6:35 PM, Neal Daskal <neal.daskal at>wrote:

>  I recently had to sunset my old computer on which I was using tb version
> 3 and winxp.  I had difficulty migrating my old mail and still have
> restrictions accessing it.  (See
> a discussion of the problems.)  I have been directed to this mailing
> list to request  documentation on the internal format of tb mail files in
> the interest of possibly writing a program to facilitate accessing my old
> mail.  Any reference to such documentation would be appreciated.
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