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Sun Feb 16 14:32:38 UTC 2014


Le 07/02/2014 17:26, Patrick Cloke a écrit :
> Not sure if people say Florian's post about GSoC 2014 [1], but we should
> put up some ideas for ideas on the brainstorming page [2]. Thunderbird
> had a couple of students last year (mconley had someone working on the
> address book stuff, I had a student working on Yahoo! chat protocol
> support).
> So if there are people with interesting projects (i.e. 6 week projects
> that won't be blocking the path ahead for Thunderbird) or if someone is
> willing to mentor, not would be a great time to step forward! (I'm sure
> if someone is willing to mentor, but doesn't have a specific project
> idea in mind...something will be found.)
> I think this is a good opportunity for us to try to get:
> 1. Some bugs fixed or new features added.

Here are some suggestions, based on my daily use of Thunderbird, and 
also on some ideas from the "marketing" thread on the mailing-list :
IMHO, if you want to focus on pro users, then TB must have some serious 
bug corrected, a first list was made here :
(I created an addon as a workaround for bug #440377)

And I add few others :

#1 : apply filters on sent mails
This bug has been reported since 1999 (!) and it's a basic behavior of 
any serious email client. Since TB24, the 'Send Filter' addon doesn't 
work well, so we have to *manually* go to menu to select "apply filters 
to folder"

while composing an email, be able to switch between text <--> html 
format, without losing content. For html --> text, just a confirmation 
before losing styles and inline images (convert inlines images to 
attachments ?)

Mail compose : a bizarre behavior with tables :
- create an html email
- add a table (3 columns)
- type just 2 or 3 cars in the first cell
--> width of columns change like crazy

Enhance the header message panel (id:'msgHeaderView')
- allow to reduce it to one or 2 small lines
Just like roundcube (demo [1]) : in the left side of the message header 
view, you can click to expand/collapse, very useful on small screens

- better handle several recipients : we can click on "X more" to expand 
[2], but not reduce back

Maildir support !
IIRC, it seems the backend has been completed, need some final 
integration and a migration wizard.
But I guess it's out of scope for GSOC.

Just my 2 cents,

Michel Renon

[2] I corrected the bug :

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