Google Summer of Code 2014 - Proposal to Improve Composer, UI

Michel Renon michel.renon at
Sat Feb 15 22:20:21 UTC 2014


Le 15/02/2014 09:34, Mihovil Stanic a écrit :
> I would like to add some other proposals.
> 1. MailDir?

> 2. One line for TO: / CC: / BCC: when writing emails?

Maybe my addon will help :

FYI, months ago, Jonathan Protzenko asked me if it would be possible to 
integrate  it : the remaining problem was the lack of LDAP support.
Since, Andreas Wagner implemented the LDAP support, so it may be to 
possible to consider it again.
But, as I am focused on other projects, I can't take care of that, so 
maybe through GSOC ?


Michel Renon

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