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These are all great ideas and I too would like to get more action on our
website. This is one area I have zero ability currently since MoCo controls
the site and the Thunderbird blog (which is why there have not been any
blog posts) quite frankly I would love to do some blogging on the
Thunderbird Blog.

Maybe we can discuss all of this at an upcoming status meeting? I'm
traveling the next two weeks but can drop in to one the week of the 24th or
in March?

On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 3:14 PM, Ben Bucksch <ben.bucksch at> wrote:

>  Marketing != T-Shirts
> Rather:
>    - What are the values and benefits of Thunderbird? Why should I use
>    it? E.g.:
>       - All accounts in one place, takes only seconds to check for new
>       mails
>       My non-tech friends were simply *amazed* how easy and fast that is.
>       They LOVED it.
>        - Own your mails, have everything on your computer
>       works offline, security, provider closing etc.
>       - <insert here>
>       Talk with new (!) Thunderbird users that you converted, why they
>       like Thunderbird. If there's one thing that many people mention, add it to
>       the list.
>       - Make some webpages describing the above
>        - Make a nice layout for the above webpages
>    (This is for a web designer, different person from above, can be
>    independent)
>    - Reach out: Find new user groups
>       - Talk to mainstream press
>       (Traditional PR work)
>        - Post on website/blog, Facebook page and Twitter regularly (same
>       content):
>          - new developments in Thunderbird
>          - Articles explaining off useful features, one article per week
>       - Encourage existing users to help friends to use Thunderbird
>       (compare
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