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Sat Feb 15 01:51:27 UTC 2014

On 14/02/14 19:39, Kent James wrote:

> I've always found it useful in marketing to divide the customers into
> discrete market segments, with typical stories that describe people in
> each segment.

Are there any statistics on customer 'types' ? Without some degree of
accurate statistics your marketing is diluted and can take no more than
a 'scatter gun' approach which is an expensive waste of limited resources

> Those are each distinct market segments: large organizations that run
> Exchange and don't want to force everyone in a diverse userbase to run
> Outlook, and small organizations that are price sensitive.
> So in general there is no one correct answer whether we compete with
> Outlook or Webmail. It is different for each market segment, and for
> different individuals.

And working as I do in Promotional Merchandise etc, from experience I
would agree completely that it is horses for courses on what works best.

You really need to know :

1. Who your current markets are and roughly what percentage of users
they are - are you going to try and encourage growth in them, or do you
feel that usage is diminishing due to new technologies etc ?

2. Who your target markets are - where do you want to be be, what areas
would you best be investing in ?

Armed with that you can start to build a marketing plan accordingly for
each rough area. This is really a sales job, and needs to be approached
as such.

Off the top of my head in 2 minutes a vague list - some generic groups
and their reasons for wanting to use Thunderbird, or move off their
current platform, and vague requirements to sell to them. If rough
percentages of these groups were known, it may make a much clearer
picture of things.

Movement away from Outlook / online solutions
Ease of use
Low cost of ownership

Needs a professional marketed approach
Cost solutions / comparisons etc
Direct targeting of key decision makers

Low cost of ownership
Cross platform
Interoperability with different platforms

Needs a professional marketed approach
Open Source
Ability to assist in development - School of Thunderbird ???

Government Institutions/Councils
Low cost of ownership
Built in security

Needs a professional marketed approach
Cost solutions / comparisons etc
Direct targeting of key decision makers

Private individuals
Security concerns with online hosting
Cross platform
Low cost of ownership
Open Source

More generic approach - targeted online adverts
Conferences and exhibitions

Certainly all the online marketing needs looking at and reviewing/managing.

Simple question. Where is the 'Contact Us' link on the Thunderbird page
? Who would a company or University speak to if they had an enquiry ?

If you are looking at products, items such as USB sticks are good - they
get used regularly and don't tend to get binned - people tend to hang on
to them. You can get them preloaded with your app too !!!!

Easy to post as well if needs be, but that's a major work up.

There are plenty of small techy gadgets about - worth a hunt around.

If you are going after corporates etc you need to get more high end and
target an individual. Much harder than private users.

Is there any budget for doing any of this ? Are there any people with
good sales and marketing skills who can help ?

Does a large promotional merchandise company figure amongst the TB
clients (I wish we could but we are not that big !) ? Would they be
interested in sponsoring in some form ?

Sorry if this is a bit messy - I was kind of brain dumping :-) Might
give some food for thought.

B. Rgds

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