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Fri Feb 14 18:39:42 UTC 2014

Yes thank you Ben for encouraging more sophistication in our marketing 

I've always found it useful in marketing to divide the customers into 
discrete market segments, with typical stories that describe people in 
each segment.

For example, for ExQuilla to me the main market segment was originally 
planned to be a home user that prefers desktop clients, and wants to 
access both personal and work email. The work email needs my Exchange 
connector. That is probably in fact the largest single market segment.

As it turns out, about half of my users are on domain licenses, which 
means that licenses are being purchased by an organization. Some of 
those are Universities running Exchange server that want to provide an 
alternate access method for their students and staff. But I would say 
that most domain purchases are small businesses and organizations that 
are primarily motivated by a desire to save money. Thunderbird with 
ExQuilla is "good enough" to be a low-cost alternative to Outlook.

Those are each distinct market segments: large organizations that run 
Exchange and don't want to force everyone in a diverse userbase to run 
Outlook, and small organizations that are price sensitive.

So in general there is no one correct answer whether we compete with 
Outlook or Webmail. It is different for each market segment, and for 
different individuals.

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