Marketing for Thunderbird

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Thu Feb 13 23:14:01 UTC 2014

Marketing != T-Shirts

  * What are the values and benefits of Thunderbird? Why should I use
    it? E.g.:
      o All accounts in one place, takes only seconds to check for new mails
        My non-tech friends were simply *amazed* how easy and fast that
        is. They LOVED it.
      o Own your mails, have everything on your computer
        works offline, security, provider closing etc.
      o <insert here>
        Talk with new (!) Thunderbird users that you converted, why they
        like Thunderbird. If there's one thing that many people mention,
        add it to the list.
      o Make some webpages describing the above
  * Make a nice layout for the above webpages
    (This is for a web designer, different person from above, can be
  * Reach out: Find new user groups
      o Talk to mainstream press
        (Traditional PR work)
      o Post on website/blog, Facebook page and Twitter regularly (same
          + new developments in Thunderbird
          + Articles explaining off useful features, one article per week
      o Encourage existing users to help friends to use Thunderbird

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