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Jayakumar Sadhasivam iamjayakumars at
Thu Feb 13 16:47:08 UTC 2014

Hi Roland,

Yup your awesome Badge maker.
Hope i can help you, if you need any help in creating badges

Jayakumar Sadhasivam
Mozilla Representative India
Email: iamjayakumars at
Twitter: @iamjayakumars

On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 10:12 PM, Roland MoCo Tanglao
<rtanglao at>wrote:

> Hi Benjamin and Ludo
> I am the badge "driver" for SUMO open badges (and we have issued hundreds
> of badges on
> I would like to help with Thunderbird badges. I don't think I can "drive"
> Thunderbird badges as much as I drive SUMO badges but I would like to help,
> so please include me in any badge related threads.
> What I suggest to everybody starting out with badges is to create an
> etherpad for your badges with:
> i) the objective of the badge
> ii) the name of the badge and
> iii)  the criteria for awarding the badge.
> Once you have this etherpad, then you can start engaging engagement and
> the badge teams.
> Cheers!
> ...Roland
> On 2014-02-13 8:36 AM, Ludovic Hirlimann wrote:
>> On 13/02/2014 17:32, Benjamin Kerensa wrote:
>>> These are great ideas to but we would have to find someone to design
>>> the badges.
>>>  worth asking anyway - can you start a thread about this with engament
>> and the badge teams ?
>> Ludo
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