Google Summer of Code 2014 - Proposal to Improve Composer UI

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Sun Feb 9 21:36:17 UTC 2014

On 2/8/2014 3:33 PM, neandr at wrote:
> But having in mind all the discussions and the brave work some also 
> best knowledged people made to improve or replace the current 
> composer, I don't feel it's a GSoC project idea to "improve" what we 
> have right now.
> Also the composer (current, improved or replaced) has to be integrated 
> very much with the rest of the TB code, /how about using an existing 
> HTML composer and make it work with TB. /
> Maybe there are legal issues for a product integration, but I could 
> imagine a GSoC project to just bundle those pieces as a test case.
> I remember some people tried for that already .. but don't remember 
> the roadblocks.

One of the major roadblocks is that our backend compose code is horribly 
coupled to the current frontend cod and requires a lot of cooperation to 
make things work. For example, you need to pass a lot of nsIDOMWindows 
or nsIEditor stuff to the backend to make things work properly. I'm 
working on rewriting large swathes of the backend code which should 
eventually ameliorate this painful coupling, but I don't expect it to 
reach fruition in the next several months.

Joshua Cranmer
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