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I think some UI work on composer would be great. Maybe a Ribbon-Style /
extended Formatting Bar interface, plus fixing the bugs around [Enter],
so that writing paragraphs would be more consistent.

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Axel, I very much respect your effort and know you are great with
add-ons and HTML stuff etc.

But having in mind all the discussions and the brave work some also
best knowledged people made to improve or replace the current composer,
I don't feel it's a GSoC project idea to "improve" what we have right

Also the composer (current, improved or replaced) has to be integrated
very much with the rest of the TB code, how about using an existing
HTML composer and make it work with TB.

Maybe there are legal issues for a product integration, but I could
imagine a GSoC project to just bundle those pieces as a test case.

FYI - FastMail have released our HTML composer as open source.  It's
designed deliberately for composing HTML emails, so it is likely to be
a good fit.

It's also designed to be hooked up to your own buttons, so it doesn't
do any UI components of its own - which was one of the reasons we made
our own rather than using anything else out there - they were either
more for building HTML pages from scratch rather than editing existing
HTML messages, or they came with too much UI baggage.

And it's very liberally licensed.




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