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> Am 07.02.2014 22:06, schrieb Axel Grude (Axel):
>> All,
>> I think some UI work on composer would be great. Maybe a Ribbon-Style / extended 
>> Formatting Bar interface, plus fixing the bugs around [Enter], so that writing 
>> paragraphs would be more consistent.
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> Axel, I very much respect your effort and know you are great with add-ons and HTML 
> stuff etc.
> But having in mind all the discussions and the brave work some also best knowledged 
> people made to improve or replace the current composer, I don't feel it's a GSoC 
> project idea to "improve" what we have right now.
> Also the composer (current, improved or replaced) has to be integrated very much 
> with the rest of the TB code, /how about using an existing HTML composer and make it 
> work with TB. /
> Maybe there are legal issues for a product integration, but I could imagine a GSoC 
> project to just bundle those pieces as a test case.
> I remember some people tried for that already .. but don't remember the roadblocks.
> Günter
Hi Günter,

I would agree that replacing the whole editor would be the ideal thing, /but./.. we 
have to ask ourselves why there were so many attempts and it was never completed? I 
think if it is a really difficult thing that requires maybe a lead time of 12 months 
or more than going for the lower hanging fruit of improving what it there in the 
meantime and make it user friendly would be much better for Thunderbird (and for 
growing the user base). To me it seems a bit like an excuse "We do not work on the 
editor, as it is going to be replaced anyway" - and then not much happens.

I would like to target the HTML market segment and Outlook users more agressively, to 
show that Thunderbird would be an adequate contender also in the editing area. Also, 
the (functional) UI of what I propose here could still be developed, and ported into 
the new Editor, and the users would be non the wiser.

I would agree that this project might not be suitable for GSoC, but I just don't see 
that illusory new editor surfacing any time soon.

I  am very curious on more opinions on this.


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