Google Summer of Code 2014 - Proposal to Improve Composer UI

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Sat Feb 8 21:33:05 UTC 2014

Am 07.02.2014 22:06, schrieb Axel Grude (Axel):
> All,
> I think some UI work on composer would be great. Maybe a Ribbon-Style 
> / extended Formatting Bar interface, plus fixing the bugs around 
> [Enter], so that writing paragraphs would be more consistent.
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> *Axel <mailto:axel.grude at>*
> Software Developer
> Thunderbird Add-ons Developer (QuickFolders, quickFilters, 
> QuickPasswords, Zombie Keys, SmartTemplate4)
> AMO Editor

Axel, I very much respect your effort and know you are great with 
add-ons and HTML stuff etc.

But having in mind all the discussions and the brave work some also best 
knowledged people made to improve or replace the current composer, I 
don't feel it's a GSoC project idea to "improve" what we have right now.

Also the composer (current, improved or replaced) has to be integrated 
very much with the rest of the TB code, /how about using an existing 
HTML composer and make it work with TB. /
Maybe there are legal issues for a product integration, but I could 
imagine a GSoC project to just bundle those pieces as a test case.

I remember some people tried for that already .. but don't remember the 


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