Comments on unmaintained products and technogies (bug 441414 #2)

Joshua Cranmer 🐧 Pidgeot18 at
Sun Dec 28 14:36:11 UTC 2014

On 12/27/2014 5:13 PM, ace wrote:
> Could we take that patch into comm-central and have it as an extension
> to XUL (some override of the tree element)? Maybe we could get somebody
> knowledgeable in toolkit (e.g. Neil) to review it and maintain in this way?

This is a very special case of the XUL tree (nsITreeView), so the code 
in question is not some XML element that is easily overridable but C++ 
code that deeply interacts with the layout code. Maintaining our own 
copy I fear would be far too unmaintainable.
> I have personally not seen any official announcements or reasons why XUL
> would be deprecated already.

Because it's not The Open Web. And, to a lesser degree, it's Thunderbird 
who needs this feature, not Firefox. If Firefox needed a multiline tree 
view, it would be implemented before the end of the next quarter. The 
belief is that HTML is now sufficient to replace XUL--but I'm not sure 
that is the case, especially since our web components implementation is 
still very incomplete.

Joshua Cranmer
Thunderbird and DXR developer
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