Fwd: New QE-Verify Flag in Bugzilla

Wayne Mery (Thunderbird QA) vseerror at Lehigh.EDU
Fri Aug 15 03:45:01 UTC 2014

I followed some of the early discussion in the newsgroup and then tuned 
out. I've now skimmed much of it.  My first reaction is we lack the 
manpower to do the type of "full" quality process done by Firefox. But 
I'm not sure that's what you are suggesting.

My second reaction is, I'm all for quality, but the question is how much 
effort do we want to put into an overall quality process and to what 
extent the product quality will be improved, vs other areas that need 
better or continued attention. (opportunity cost)  And, can that effort 
be sustained.

That said, there are probably areas or types of bugs we can target to 
get great return on minimal effort.  One might target areas where we 
have been most burned in the past. Possible examples: (core) editor, 
database, filters, compose, (core?) security. Perhaps also imap.

To get a feel for our bigger issues, for purely illustrative purposes 
and not as an especially useful list, I offer via query [1] of all 
confirmed or fixed gus filed since 2010-01-01 (just after the 3.0 
release), with regression keyword (just to reduce the number of bugs by 
some order of magnitude), severity of major and critical (again to 
reduce the bug count for this illustration), excluding build bugs 
(because they don't affect users), excluding all imap crashes (because 
most I suspect are not regressions per-se but baggage bugs), and 
excluding all non-topcrash crashes.  I suggest sorting the list by the 
component column.

[1] 213 bugs - 

On 8/14/2014 6:54 PM, Kent James wrote:
> Is this something that we want in Thunderbird and Mailnews?
> :rkent
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> Subject: New QE-Verify Flag in Bugzilla
> Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 14:45:52 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Marc Schifer <mschifer at mozilla.com>
> To: dev-quality <dev-quality at lists.mozilla.org>
> CC: firefox-qe at mozilla.org, dev-platform
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> Newsgroups: mozilla.dev.platform
>    A short while ago we had a discussion about how to stream line some
> QA processes (Desktop QA - Bugzilla keywords: Proposal on dev-quality)
> and reduce the bug spam generated by setting keywords and whiteboard
> tags (Bugspam generated by the new process on firefox-dev). The final
> resolution of this discussion was to have a new Bugzilla flag created,
> qe-verify, that would replace the current use of QA+/- whiteboard tags
> and the verifyme keyword. This will give you the ability to easily
> filter out any activity on the flag instead of needing to have multiple
> filters for keywords and whiteboard activity as well simplify our
> queries for tracking work to be done in QE. The use of other keywords
> (qawanted, qaurgent, steps-wanted, regression-window-wanted,
> testcase-wanted) will remain the same.
> Currently this is only implemented for Firefox QE, other teams are more
> then welcome to adopt if so desired.
> Details:
>   New Flag: qe-verify[?|+|-]
>    qe-verify[?] = triage request
>    qe-verify[+] = bug to be verified
>    qe-verify[-] = bug will not/can not be verified
>   Deprecate use of:
>    Whiteboard tag: QA[?|+|-]
>    Keyword       : verifyme
>   The component list the flag can be set for is:
>    Core                   -- Any --
>    Firefox                -- Any --
>    Firefox for Android    -- Any --
>    Firefox for Metro      -- Any --
>    Firefox Health Report  -- Any --
>    Firefox OS             -- Any --
>    Loop                   Client
>    Loop                   General
>    Mozilla Localizations  -- Any --
>    Mozilla QA             Mozmill Tests
>    Mozilla Services       -- Any --
>    NSPR                   -- Any --
>    NSS                    -- Any --
>    Plugins                -- Any --
>    Snippets               -- Any --
>    Toolkit                -- Any --
> If there is a component that I missed please let me or the bugzilla team
> know so we can fix it.
> This message was posted to dev-quality and has been crossposted to on
> firefox-dev and dev-platform. Please follow up on dev-quality.
> Thank You.
>   Marc S.
> Firefox Q.E. Manager
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