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Mon Aug 11 18:47:47 UTC 2014

Thanks Patrick for reporting on this. (More comments inline)

On 8/8/2014 8:24 PM, Patrick Cloke wrote:
> Bringing back a really old thread, I hope that's ok.
> I'm currently at Def Con 22 and went to a talk today on "Dark Mail", 
> which is now called DIME (Dark Internet Mail Environment). There seems 
> to be some real protocol implementations now AND a reference 
> implementation that's (imagine my surprise) based on Thunderbird 24 
> (their fork is called Volcano). I'm unsure if this has been publicly 
> released.

I hope that when this is publicly released that we can try to defork to 
some extent, and reposition their effort as a Thunderbird addon.

> The UI demonstrated seemed easy to use, but I'm unsure exactly how 
> easy the key management infrastructure is. (It was also a bit in your 
> face if using insecure mail, but that seemed on purpose.) They did 
> mention wanting to fix some thunderbird bugs before releasing 1.0, 
> namely compose in a tab. (Additionally it seemed like they actually 
> managed to add more protocols to Thunderbird! rkent, watch out!)

Well they have not added a new protocol to "Thunderbird", they have 
added it to "Volcano", so I'll keep saying that I am the only one who 
has added a new protocol to Thunderbird :)

> They specifically did ask for feedback. I accosted one of the 
> presenters and gave my contact info so hopefully he'll get in touch 
> with me next week. It would probably be worth looking over some of 
> their documentation and ensuring fixed bugs are upstreamed (e.g. 
> offering to review patches.)

I hope that we can avoid a fork and all of the hassle of upstreaming 
fixed bugs. I'm certainly willing to share any of the secrets of 
ExQuilla that allow protocols to be added to Thunderbird using an 
extension architecture (either as javascript or as a binary extension).

For those of you who did not read "Thunderbird’s Future: the TL;DR 
Version", I have proposed that we encourage MoFo to fund one full-time 
person whose job description would include interacting with any public 
efforts to develop new messaging protocols, such as described here. 
There is something fundamentally broken with our project when our code 
is being used to do things that we should be behind, and yet we have no 
mechanism within our project to interact with those efforts. So we rely 
on one of our chat guys to report on progress on email protocols.


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