Thunderbird Summit - Preliminary Planning

Gervase Markham gerv at
Mon Aug 11 17:56:17 UTC 2014

On 11/08/14 18:46, Kent James wrote:
> If there are to be any Thunderbird discussions at the rumored December
> Portland all-hands meeting, I would be happy to come to Portland at my
> own expense to participate if invited (the train ride from Seattle is
> quite pleasant). But my first reaction is that this is not a good
> substitute for the Thunderbird Summit. A Mozilla all-hands, as I
> understand it, is a staff event. The Thunderbird Summit is intended to
> be a community engagement event. My sense is that the two do not mix
> well, but I have never been to a "Mozilla all-hands".

One would certainly not want to have the Thunderbird event during the
All Hands, but one might consider having it before or after. Mozilla
employees would then effectively be able to attend for no charge (or
perhaps for the cost of a few nights in a hotel), because they could
book a later return flight.

(Note Thanksgiving is the weekend before.)


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