Thunderbird Summit - Preliminary Planning

Kent James kent at
Mon Aug 11 16:52:04 UTC 2014

I just posted the following update on the status of the Summit to the 
wiki page:

"We are still waiting for approval from Mozilla for the Summit and its 
associated funding. Although we tried very hard to get a commitment from 
Mozilla by August 3, 2014, we did not get any commitment or approval by 
that date. The last communication that we had from anyone at Mozilla, on 
Friday August 8, stated 'It seems that the decision is going to take a 
little while. Many people are now involved and it will take time to get 
to a resolution. I don't think we will be able to confirm anything 
before 1-2 weeks.' Earlier we had heard that there was sufficient 
Thunderbird accumulated income available for the conference, and it was 
merely a matter of setting up the appropriate authority to spend that 
money. Apparently though it was not that simple."

Unfortunately this process is quite opaque to someone like myself who is 
not a Mozilla executive, so all that I can do is to speculate about what 
is really going on, and what likely outcomes are. I realize that many of 
us have complex schedules to coordinate, and this delay in coming to a 
go/nogo decision is a hardship.

Still I think that proper course is to wait another couple of weeks and 
see if we hear from Mozilla. But if anyone thinks that the time has come 
to consider giving up and cancelling this Summit, feel free to say so.


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