Are we signing Thunderbird with codesign v2 ?

Mark Banner mbanner at
Mon Aug 11 13:21:13 UTC 2014

Its now all public, the work for Firefox is being done in:

and the dependant bugs.

If anyone can volunteer to track and port relevant patches, that would 
be very useful.


On 04/08/2014 20:55, Josiah Bruner wrote:
> We're currently using Version 1. However, the main (Mozilla) 
> development team is aware of the change (We learned about it from 
> Apple last week) and are furiously working on a change to the code 
> signing. All bugs and information are under NDA to Apple, so that's 
> all I can mention presently.
> Basically though, we (Thunderbird) need not worry about it.
> Josiah Bruner [:JosiahOne]
> Thunderbird Front-end & UX
> Gecko/Widget OS X Backend
> On 8/4/14 2:34 PM, Nomis101 wrote:
>> For OS X we are signing the DMG with codesign since TB 15. Today I've 
>> found an Apple tech note that noted, that codesign v2 should be used, 
>> because v1 is obsolete soon. Is says [1]:
>> "/Changes in OS X 10.9.5 and Yosemite Developer Preview 5//
>> //Beginning with OS X version 10.9.5, there will be changes in how OS 
>> X recognizes signed apps. Version 1 signatures created with OS X 
>> versions prior to Mavericks will no longer be recognized by 
>> Gatekeeper and are considered obsolete.//
>> //Important: For your apps to run on updated versions of OS X they 
>> must be signed on OS X version 10.9 or later and thus have a version 
>> 2 signature./"
>> What version of codesign are we using for Thunderbird, are we already 
>> using v2?
>> [1]: 
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