Google and OAuth 2.0

neandr at neandr at
Mon Apr 28 18:10:22 UTC 2014

On 28.04.2014 17:56, Axel Grude (Axel) wrote:
> don't they already do something like this (I think you have to enable 
> IMAP access through their web site first). The bigger issue would be 
> if that would have to be done on every session (?)
 From what the OAuth2 requires for GCal expect you have to get an access 
key for your application with the first time you log into GMail. Getting 
that you probably need to use a browser page, also Lightning hides that 
process from the user.
That access key will be used to generate a token to work with your 
mail/calendar. That token will expire after a certain time and your 
application (mail/calendar) needs to generate a new token. Normally the 
user should not notice about that for any session.


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