Google and OAuth 2.0

neandr at neandr at
Fri Apr 25 19:00:09 UTC 2014

On 25.04.2014 19:25, Patrick Cloke wrote:
> FWIW Thunderbird already includes OAuth2 code that is used (in order 
> of history):
> - chat (for Twitter)
> - FileLink (for a bunch of things?)
> - Calendar (for Google Calendar)
> I forget whether we save the oauth secret key in a preference or in 
> the account manager, but we store the consumer secret / key in prefs 
> for Twitter. (Instantbird and Thunderbird have different keys here.)
> It'd be convenient in some way if we could only have to sign in once 
> for all these uses...but that's probably a pipe dream.
AFAIK from implementing Google's OAuth2 for our calendar Reminderfox 
extension (running with TB/FX/SM) each applications need to request it's 
own keys. We store each key set to the individual PW manager.

And yes, the key exchange works with plain text as Gervase mentioned.


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