Thunderbird 31 branching on April 28th: Get API changes and strings in!

Sebastian Hengst archaeopteryx at
Mon Apr 21 20:22:30 UTC 2014


this is just a friendly reminder for Thunderbird developers that 
Thunderbird 31 will branch in one week from the comm-central repository 
with the following consequences:

- APIs of the branch get frozen, e.g. no modifications and removals (to 
prevent add-ons from breaking)
- Localization ("l10n") string freeze: No string additions to or 
removals from the branch

If you have a patch affected by this, please contact the likely reviewer 
and coordinate review and landing before the branching.

Furthermore, a patch for comm-aurora should [1]
- have tests, or a strong statement of what can be done in the absence 
of tests.
- have landed in comm-central to bake on the nightly channel for a few days.
- have a comment in Bugzilla assessing performance impact, risk, and 
reasons the patch is needed on aurora.

With the current development of version bumps every six weeks on Aurora 
and Beta, the release of Thunderbird 31 should be on July 22nd, 2014 [2].

Thank you
Tb cruft coder and localizer


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