New web service for account configurations

Pavel Cvrček pcvrcek at
Mon Sep 23 14:49:02 UTC 2013


today I have found new service I have nothing to do with
this service but I think it is good idea and it is a little bit pity that
info about such service I only found in one article in czech ( As Ludovic
said on Twitter it is good to send info about it to this conference.

Info from page:

"With Autoconfig you can benefit from the Thunderbird Autoconfiguration and
the Microsoft Outlook Autoconfiguration.

Just register the domain name in our system and enter a few DNS entries.
After that the user will just fill in the email address in the email client
and the rest of the configuration will be done automatically. All major
email clients are supported, while Microsoft Outlook and Apple iMail are
sharing the same configuration protocol and Thunderbird beeing our first
supported client."

Have a nice day

Pavel Cvrček <pcvrcek at>
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