Decision: Mainstream and ESR releases will be merged from TB 24 onwards

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Tue Sep 10 23:42:00 UTC 2013

Mark Banner wrote, On 09.09.2013 23:36:
> The agreed plan was that we would provide 2 further releases

That I understood. But I always thought that they are a safety margin.

Businesses need a safety margin, some time *after* the intended and 
advertized switch point, for the reasons mentioned. *

Given the security holes and the direct threat they post, "some time" 
above means "some supported releases".

I didn't propose to change the release plan. Just the *messaging* we 
give them. They MUST NOT wait until 24.0.2 and only then consider the 
switch. They need to work on the switch NOW. Our message to them must 
make that clear, but if we say "24.0.2 is for business", they won't even 
look at 24.0.0.

* Many businesses I spoke with are still on TB 3, some are still on TB2 
even. Not that we can support that, but just showing the world they live in.

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