What to do about CONDSTORE for GMail for TB 24?

Mark Banner mbanner at mozilla.com
Tue Sep 10 17:50:43 UTC 2013

Sorry for the late follow-up.

I think that as this is an issue in 17.0.x already, there's no obvious 
reason to do something different (e.g. disable condstore for gmail) in 24.

We should obviously fix the real issue, and treat that with a sense of 
urgency and try and fix it in the next dot release, but I can't see a 
significant regression in 24 that would affect this specifically.

I have today put some test builds on the bug 
<https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=885220#c88> that might 
help to point to a solution for the issue. Feedback there would be useful.


On 04/09/2013 15:26, Mike Conley wrote:
> Wayne put together a query for possibly related bugs:
> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/buglist.cgi?f1=OP&o3=anywordssubstr&short_desc=gmail%20condstor&classification=Client%20Software&classification=Components&o2=anywordssubstr&f4=CP&chfieldto=Now&query_format=advanced&j1=OR&f3=keywords&chfieldfrom=2013-07-20&f2=short_desc&short_desc_type=anywordssubstr&product=MailNews%20Core&product=Thunderbird&list_id=7809791 
> But I don't think we have a good idea yet on how widespread a problem 
> this is.
>>>   * Is the CONDSTORE issue this bug:
>>>     https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=885220 ?
> Quite possibly. I've only skimmed the bug, but it sounds like the 
> issue that Paenglab brought up. Unsure if it causes the same symptoms 
> that protz ran into.
>>>   * Is it a regression in TB 24, or is it also seen in 17.0.x (the bug
>>>     makes me think it is 17.0.x) ?
> Yeah, reading through bug 885220, it sounds like 17.0.x is affected.
>>>   * When did Google enable condstore?
> Hard to say (maybe Bienvenu could pin it down to a date?). The best I 
> can do is bound it to sometime after January 2013[1].
> Talking to jcranmer (I think?) yesterday, he said that CONDSTORE 
> support for GMail should be fully rolled out to all accounts by now.
> -Mike

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