Thunderbird 24 coming soon! (and XXXX compatibility with Thunderbird 22.*)

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Wed Sep 4 08:25:53 UTC 2013

Hi Amy,

could you prepare a page on mdn dedicated to Thunderbird 24.0 breakages and code 
snippets in order to pull all Thunderbird Addon authors in? The aim is to have 
something on mdn that we can contribute snippets to to make update easier for less 
active Addon developers.

I think it would be a good idea to have such a thing but only if it is easily 
discoverable to this specific group: I suggest that once we have a few snippets up, we 
publish to all addon authors via this channel.

In particular I have 2 examples that I would like to contribute:

One regards the removal of widgetglue.js which leads to GetMsgFolderFromUri being 
unknown (I think this one will land in Tb25 so it is not that urgent yet, but it 
already affects users of Daily and Nightly builds). The other one is the transition of 
many Tb variables from nsIMutableArray to nsIArray, particularly 
nsIMsgAccountManager.accounts, which will break if you iterate on it using "Count()". 
I am sure others could come up with more examples and we do not want users to 
experience major breakages because of easy to fix bugs introduced by code refactoring 
on comm-central.

Could you put something together that we can contribute to on mdn? I think the aim is 
to get one central page (we Addon authors can add a technical section with examples 
once the main blurb is written) that is easily discovered and heavily publicised via 
/this ///channel (Mozilla Add-ons) and the blog + facebook groups. It wouldn't make 
sense for me to just make an isolated page about GetMsgFolderFromUri that nobody can 

I am cc'ing internal AMO & tb-planning (where I raised the issue first) for feedback 
and suggestions on other examples relevant to Tb24.


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> Dear add-on author,
> Thunderbird 24 is coming soon - We've just released our second beta, and it will be released to users on 17th September.
> This will be the first big update released to users for a year, so please check your add-ons. You can download Thunderbird 24 from:
> In the meantime, we'll be running our remaining add-on compatibility checks over this week, so expect some more emails as we attempt to bring you up to date to TB 24.
> So here's the normal email details that you get:
> Good news! Our automated tests did not detect any compatibility issues with your add-on quickFilters and Thunderbird 22.*. We've updated your add-on's compatibility to work with Thunderbird 22.* so that our Beta users can begin using your add-on.
> We encourage you to view the results of the compatibility test, as some compatibility issues may have been detected but without enough certainty to declare the add-on incompatible:
> This compatibility bump is server-side and we did not modify your add-on package in any way.
> For more information on our new compatibility process with rapid Thunderbird releases, please read this post:
> Thank you,
> Thunderbird Add-ons team
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