What to do about CONDSTORE for GMail for TB 24?

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Wed Sep 4 08:35:28 UTC 2013

El 2013.09.03 18:33, Ehsan Akhgari escribió:
> On 2013-09-03 3:29 PM, Mike Conley wrote:
>> Hey tb-planning,
>> So during our bi-weekly Thunderbird meeting today, the issue of
>> CONDSTORE (which was brought up in a separate thread on tb-planning,
>> but I'm splitting out to primarily discuss what to do about the issue
>> for TB 24) was brought up.
>> Here's what we know:
>> 1) GMail has recently switched on support for CONDSTORE, which allows
>> for more efficient IMAP queries.
>> 2) We've had reports of buggy behaviour with GMail - here on
>> tb-planning, as well as in Bugzilla[1]. Specifically, people have been
>> reporting that Thunderbird stops retrieving their GMail mail (or at
>> the very least, doesn't get it immediately). Wayne and Roland are
>> still getting a handle on any murmurs in the forums and GetSatisfaction.
>> 3) The problems being experienced with CONDSTORE are not well understood.
>> So it's unclear how big of an issue this is - but in the worst
>> case-scenario, a growing number of users may find that Thunderbird is
>> not getting their GMail mail.
>> With 2 weeks left to go until a major release, should we be using that
>> as an opportunity to pack a fix / workaround into 24?
>> There is a hidden pref that, if flipped, disables Thunderbird's
>> CONDSTORE support. Irving also mentioned that we could also instruct
>> TB to "not believe" GMail when it says it supports CONDSTORE.
>> It's hard to make a call here because, as far as I can see, our data
>> on this problem is really lacking.
>> What should we do? Anything?
> Have we considered reaching out to Google about this?  We have a
> communication channel with them for these kinds of issues and I will be
> more than happy to forward technical information about the problem to
> them and get the right people on both sides in touch with each other.

I think Ehsan's pretty right.

So, options are 3 now:
*1 Don't modify the Mozilla Thunderbird's settings into code for the 
"CONDSTORE" stuff — Release next Thunderbird major branch with no 
modification at all.
*2 Disable "CONDSTORE" thing only in Gmail IMAP service & release 
Thunderbird 24 with this modification implemented. Thing is… do we know 
any metrics about people out there using labels in Thunderbird? They 
must be the less, for sure. But I'm one of those weird animals who use 
labels & filters madly. :( What percentage of Tb users will be affected?
*3 Get in touch with Google folks. Why they would modify the "CONDSTORE" 
setting when most people access Gmail from the webmail interface? 
Besides, having Gmail the access for POP3 & IMAP, they should have had 
contacted email clients developers by themselves —like Mozilla— to tell 
what's news, shouldn't they?

Whatever. IMHO, a 2 weeks period isn't quite enough to test this. And 
I'm afraid Google isn't rollin' a workaround on within next weeks either.
All best,

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