What to do about CONDSTORE for GMail for TB 24?

Roland MoCo Tanglao rtanglao at mozilla.com
Tue Sep 3 20:47:05 UTC 2013

+1 for the Andrew/JB nuanced idea of disabling condstore for gmail only!

On 2013-09-03 1:45 PM, Andrew Sutherland wrote:
> On 09/03/2013 04:27 PM, Jb Piacentino wrote:
>> Thanks Mike. So if I summarize we have two alternatives:
>> 1 - leaving the TB code as is and running the unevaluated risk of 
>> users not seeing their GMail messages in a timely manner
>> 2 - flipping this pref (disabling CONDSTORE) with the net effect of 
>> not leveraging GMail optimization (and other email servers).
>> If it is as simple as described, and assuming identifying, creating 
>> and pushing a patch in the next 2 weeks is something we can't do (who 
>> can do it?), it seems to me that option 2 is safer and has lesser 
>> impact.
> Disabling CONDSTORE for all IMAP servers is a pretty dramatic change.  
> As I noted in an earlier related message, Thunderbird has been using 
> CONDSTORE on other servers that support it since Thunderbird 3.0.  
> Turning it off just for gmail by default sounds reasonable.  There's 
> already special gmail server logic, so it shouldn't be super-dramatic 
> to accomplish.
> As for the 2-week thing, it's not like it's a rocket launch window and 
> the planets won't be aligned again for another year.  It seems like 
> some discretion as to when to release is possible, although it's 
> probably a hassle and slippage has to be bounded due to security 
> release concerns.
> Andrew
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