desktop e-mail UI using gaia e-mail libs (was: TB and AMO...)

Andrew Sutherland asutherland at
Mon Oct 28 02:28:12 UTC 2013

On 10/27/2013 08:58 AM, ace wrote:
> I still do not understand the point of this effort.

As you surmised, it's a personal/hobby project for me.  I'm discussing 
it at length here because Tanstaafl seemed interested and a lot of 
Mozillians hack on interesting stuff that for whatever reason isn't 
widely known and frequently would benefit from more people being aware 
of it.  (Also, I'm lazy and if I can get other people to help me do less 
work, that works out well for me :)

> So making any new email client FOR
> DESKTOP under Mozilla support does not look perspective to me.

"Mozilla support" can mean a lot of things, so I'll unpack this. There's 
no Mozilla Corporation support for this effort; any time I spend on it 
will be my own.  From speaking with people, I think there is interest in 
the Mozilla Project and greater community for a more desktop-oriented 
version of the Gaia e-mail app, so I would not be surprised if other 
people hack on it too.

The Mozilla Corporation/Foundation does potentially provide resources to 
all Mozillians.  This can range from providing exposure for experiments 
on the Mozilla Labs list of projects at up through providing manpower 
for potential new products (  I 
don't plan to go the Hatchery path with mysteriousmail, but if there's a 
way to get Sean Martell or other graphic designers to make me a cool 
icon/logo, I will beg/plead as appropriate! :)


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