Proposal for donation link in Thunderbird 31

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at
Fri Nov 29 20:05:47 UTC 2013

Some kind of council could indeed be a good idea. That would certainly 
make the decision process easier and could serve as the official voice 
of thunderbird. One problem with the current situation is that with no 
full-time employees there's little to make a process go forward 
naturally, and especially areas such as PR don't go into their full 
potential because there's nobody with enough will, power, dedication and 
time to make the decisions needed.


On 19.11.2013 00:29, Kent James wrote:
> But concerning accountability, a year ago I tried to propose a 
> management council for Thunderbird. I would propose the same thing 
> again. Actually part of my motivation for raising the donation issue 
> is that I think that the Thunderbird community needs to develop 
> capacity for self-management, which is sorely lacking at the moment. 
> During the council discussions last year, the official position seemed 
> to be that the existing management structure, using the module owners 
> group as the de facto management team, was working well. Although it 
> is possible to use the module system to organize that management team, 
> I don't think that has been done effectively in the past. Having 
> donations income will force us to deal with the issue, as you point 
> out. I would certainly strongly oppose having the donation income 
> buried within the existing Thunderbird accounts which have been 
> publicly opaque. 

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