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Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Wed Nov 27 02:00:10 UTC 2013

John Crisp wrote, On 26.11.2013 22:34:
> Stop talking about problems.

I consider myself a mathematician. For them, "problem" is a synonym to 
"question". I get kicks out of crushing as many problems per minute as 
possible :). It's just words.

> Get a decent manager.... they do exist :-) I really DO understand the 
> situation. But you have to find a solution, not say 'it can't be 
> done'. Like I often say, you can't just say 'no'. Give an alternative 
> solution.

I didn't mean to imply it's impossible. Quite the opposite. I was just 
pointing out pitfalls, from my experience of the past, so that we can 
avoid them now.

> Find someone who CAN manage.

There are people who can do it. (But I don't want to run around yelling 
"here, here".)

> That aside, monetisation is still a situation that has to be addressed.
> If you can't do it one way, you'll have to find another.


FWIW, one problem we often have is that we get stuck on one solution 
which we think should work in theory, but doesn't work in practice. We 
think we haven't found the right angle, but when you've tried 5 angles 
and none worked, there are probably more fundamental reasons why that 
doesn't work. I don't want to lament, rather I want to say:

We have to accept that and move on to new ideas.

>> Adding registration for mail providers makes sense. But it didn't work
>> out, it seems. I know that GMX was interested, but it failed somewhere
>> in the business talks.
> Go back and make it work :-) Seriously, why did it fail ?

Mozilla doesn't tell.

> You have to set a goal and say 'how do we achieve it', not list reasons why you can't.


The real decision to make here is how we deal with Mozilla, who's 
leaving us hanging dry. There are many options, many different 
constellations. I am not suggesting any particular one.

But I *am* sure that status quo cannot continue or TB is dead in a few 
years - without successor. We need to decide how to continue.

Where do we want to be in 10 years? How do we get there best?

> If the USA had done that in the 60's Armstrong would never have walked
> on the moon..... hats off to NASA for MAKING it happen.


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