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John Crisp jcrisp at
Tue Nov 26 21:34:41 UTC 2013

On 25/11/13 19:20, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> However, there are problems from 2 ends:
> * The manager needs to intimately understand software, e.g. have a
> technical background. Basically be strong on 2 completely different areas.
> * Because most manages do not, and make really bad decisions that hurt
> everybody, most developers have a deep distrust for managers, out of
> repeated bad experience.

First, an age old sales technique. Stop talking about problems. We are
taught from a young age that they are difficult to solve. Change them to
'situations' and see how much better you feel :-)

Get a decent manager.... they do exist :-) I really DO understand the
situation. But you have to find a solution, not say 'it can't be done'.

Like I often say, you can't just say 'no'. Give an alternative solution.
Find someone who CAN manage. It's not about your technical skill level,
but about confidence and leadership.

> There isn't a clear monetarisation as in the browser. People don't
> search and browse from the email client, nor does that make sense.

Hmm, and that is why I always asked myself why tabs and the whole html
browsery type thing anyway ?

OK, so it isn't used NOW. Doesn't mean you have to maintain the status
quo ! So there's an alternative solution :-)

That aside, monetisation is still a situation that has to be addressed.
If you can't do it one way, you'll have to find another.

> Adding registration for mail providers makes sense. But it didn't work
> out, it seems. I know that GMX was interested, but it failed somewhere
> in the business talks.

Go back and make it work :-) Seriously, why did it fail ? It HAS to
work, so how you make that happen ?

Sorry. I'm not trying to be unkind. Just playing devils advocate. But I
have heard many of these arguments before (I'm sure many have). You have
to set a goal and say 'how do we achieve it', not list reasons why you

If the USA had done that in the 60's Armstrong would never have walked
on the moon..... hats off to NASA for MAKING it happen.

B. Rgds

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