tb-planning Digest, Vol 46, Issue 16

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Mon Nov 25 23:08:59 UTC 2013

tb-planning-request at mozilla.org wrote:
> I think the premise of paying for bugs to be fixed (unless it is a
> private contractual basis between a customer and a developer) is never
> going to work. Much better to advertise the skills and contact details
> of developers who are prepared to offer to work 'freelance' on say a TB
> website.

One problem with this is that only a vanishingly small number of people
will have enough money to hire a developer.

A kickstarter-like model might be a good compromise.  If there are bugs
that a lot of people seem to care about, maybe that group could
*together* assemble enough money to get some bugs killed and features added?

That might have to be outside the overall TB framework, though.  But if
you were thinking about advertising TB developers, I'd guess it would be
more likely to pay off if connected to some framework for aggregating
together money from a number of users.


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