Robert Kaiser KaiRo at
Tue Nov 26 14:07:48 UTC 2013

Ben Bucksch schrieb:
> Jim Porter wrote, On 25.11.2013 20:33:
>> information is already available to the public via the Crash Stats
>> page (look at the ADI columns):
>> <>.
> Thanks, that's useful. But we need also:
> * All users, not just specific versions. I know a lot who are still on
> TB3 and TB2, on various versions of it.

That data exists, and you can even get per-locale and a few similar 
things. The problem is that there was a project going on to makes that 
and similar data user-accessible, but the metrics team was restructured 
and the part that should work on this was heavily decimated, and so now 
they mostly don't have time to work on this lower-priority project. They 
might also still be trying to hire someone that would have helping with 
this as one piece of their job.

> * Monthly users, not just daily.

We don't have that. All we have is data from the "Add-on Blocklist 
Ping", i.e. the daily request that Thunderbird sends for an updated 
blocklist. This does not have any user identifier or anything (after 
all, this is a Mozilla project and therefore cannot do privacy-invading 
stuff like this "just because we want good data"), so it's impossible to 
get weekly or monthly information out of it.

Robert Kaiser

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