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Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Mon Nov 25 18:20:09 UTC 2013

John Crisp wrote, On 25.11.2013 18:29:

> You need some business heads in the mix to make a reasonable balance,
> and to help drive the 'commercial' aspect of things, be that marketing,
> advertising, donations, contacting your biggest users and looking at
> commercial relationships or whatever. Most devs aren't particularly
> interested in this area (each to their own) but it needs addressing just
> as badly as the code. They can also give a different perspective as to
> what bugs they might consider more important to fix etc etc.


However, there are problems from 2 ends:
* The manager needs to intimately understand software, e.g. have a 
technical background. Basically be strong on 2 completely different areas.
* Because most manages do not, and make really bad decisions that hurt 
everybody, most developers have a deep distrust for managers, out of 
repeated bad experience.

> I am sure that with the current size of the TB user base, you have some
> time on your side, and knowledge available from Mozilla. But you need to
> get this moving in a hurry before you start to see users slip and slide
> away. Does anyone have any recent users stats and year on year
> increase/decrease in usage ?


> I think the premise of paying for bugs to be fixed (unless it is a
> private contractual basis between a customer and a developer) is never
> going to work. Much better to advertise the skills and contact details
> of developers who are prepared to offer to work 'freelance' on say a TB
> website.


> As a separate thought, seeing as you have your tabs and home page and
> html stuff, why aren't you using and monetising it in a similar way that
> Firefox does with its 'home' page ? Personally I'd turn it off, or want
> duckduckgo or a.n.other engine, but the majority would be happy with it
> I am sure ?

There isn't a clear monetarisation as in the browser. People don't 
search and browse from the email client, nor does that make sense.
Adding registration for mail providers makes sense. But it didn't work 
out, it seems. I know that GMX was interested, but it failed somewhere 
in the business talks.


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