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>> I'm concerned about any plan that lets users put $$ on specific bugs.
>> Our biggest hindrance isn't so much money as it is availability of
>> people with both time and expertise to fix even the most pressing issues
>> in our backlog. Per-bug money might attract some time & expertise, but
>> I'd be surprised if it's enough to be sustainable, and it's likely to
>> come with unrealistic expectations.
> As a possible contributor, what *are* realistic expectations I should have?
> If realistic means "I get no say whatsoever about which bugs get fixed,"
> then being realistic is a pretty big disincentive to donation.
> If there is a project with a strong "central tendency" that aligns with
> my use of the product, then I'm happy to donate to support it.
> OTOH, if the volunteers who work on a project aren't interested in the
> bugs/features that are critical to my use case, or focus on a particular
> platform over another, then I probably won't donate.

If you want control it is fairly simple really, hire someone to do the 
work you want done.  No involvement with donations, Mozilla or anyone 
else here.  The worst case scenario is you end up with a fork of 
Thunderbird that does what you want.  But my reading of what is going on 
is that the module owners are fairly easy to get along with with regards 
to new features and particularly bug fixes.

The "project" needs funds, if you do not wish to contribute to that 
general fund in favour of funding your own developer fine, but I hope 
others see the value in the "project" and not just a way to buy a 
priority vote for a feature.

I would however be most interested in hearing from Mozilla on why they 
choose not to eat their own dogfood.

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